The big meltdown

Some of you will have noticed that my site has been down and out for the past 3 days. Basically the server where the site lives had a catastrophic meltdown and all data was lost. I was backing it up but like a numpty some of the data was being backed up to the very same server (amateur???).

So, really not feeling up to looking at a computer screen, I have rummaged through my local computer and managed to find some backups from a month or so ago. That together with a bit of skullduggery and trickery I have managed to get it all up and running again, including posts that I’ve published since the crash (good ol’ Google Archive). Unfortunately all your lovely comments on the last 3 posts are gone for good. And if you get multiple ‘new blog post’ subscription alerts this morning I apologise in advance for filling up your mailbox!

I’d rather have been posting this morning with a health update, which I will do at the next opportunity, but needs must. Sadly things have not been going that great. I have had another hospital stay and it turns out the Gemcitibine has been a bit of a waste of time. But there is still a ‘plan’ and I’m hanging in there waiting for some big news from the hospital (all will be revealed in my next post). I have a clinic appointment today so hopefully I shall return from the hospital armed with some worthy positive news to share.

Thanks for reading!



Oh no! Well done for getting it (mostly) back online. I’ll be looking out for the next post… X


Hey Clive, glad you got your blog up and running again. Computers, go figure. We will be praying that they have a great plan for this next stage of your treatment. Will keep looking out for your news. Stay strong


Good luck for tomorrow Clive and the start of your Nivolmab treatment. Thinking of you and sending positive vibes!


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