As first line treatment I received 6 cycles of ABVD. As and when I get the chance/energy I will be detailing this and writing a timeline with the side effects and experiences that went with ABVD.


I have just finished what’s known as second line treatment or salvage chemotherapy called ESHAP and this will be followed by a stem cell transplant. I have detailed my experiences with ESHAP here.


The next type of chemo planned for me before the stem cell transplant is called BEAM. BEAM is what’s known as intensive chemotherapy.

[Updated 11/5/2016] I have recently had another PET scan and I am now in remission! So I can progress onto BEAM followed by the actual stem cell transplant. Apparently BEAM is really harsh – it totally wipes out the immune system ready for your lovely new stem cells to populate a disease-free body!

Stem Cell Transplant

To come – will update this section very soon!

Read my blog with updates on progress.