Countdown To ESHAP 2: Bye Bye Hair!

So its bye bye hair – it’s beginning to fall out!! No doubt about it, washed it earlier and noticed quite a few strands on my hands and in the bath. Scalp feels a bit tingly today as well. No worries at all. Will take electric clippers with me to hospital tomorrow, as I can’t stand it when it gets patchy – as soon as it’s at all noticeable its coming off! First it’ll be grade one, then as long as my scalp is in alright shape I’ll shave it all off. I bought a couple of caps the other day and have been wearing them anyways. Looks like I’ll be doing that even more in near future.

So its Tuesday and were heading over to Jimmy’s for my blood tests and for a clinic appointment with the consultant (must compile a list of questions to ask beforehand!). Sun is shining again, makes such a difference to everyones mood.

I’m feeling pretty good all things considered. It’s almost surreal that I can be so poorly with a horrible disease like Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, be pumped full of chemicals and medication, and still feel not-too-horrible. I just wonder how fantastic I’d be feeling by now if I had’t relapsed, was going to the gym 3 times a week, swimming and most importantly back at work. I’m aprehensive about tomorrows ESHAP. I remember from ABVD that the side effects were cumulative …they got progressively worse and worse and harder to tolerate. I wonder if ESHAP will be the same?. I wonder if I’ll bloat up and gain another 8kgs in3 days? I wonder if my eyes will go funny again and won’t be able to read at any distance (think it’s the steroid eye drops that do it).

Hopefully my blood count is good enough and I can crack on – I just want to get on with treatment.

Update 22:00 – visit to hospital went fine. Blood count is good so it’s onwards and upwards with ESHAP tomorrow! And there’s now free WiFi at Jimmys!

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