Don’t look forward, look up

Today was clinic day. Time to get the results of the recent PET scan. I have learned not to expect anything, as I have been wrong before. On the roller coaster ride that this is, its best not to look forward. Rather look up, enjoy the moment …and take it as it comes.

Today the ride was enjoyable. It was all good news. Unbelievably good news. I have responded in the best possible way to the 2 cycles of ESHAP I’ve had, and I am in remission. REMISSION!!! Yes, remission! So it was smiles all round. Plans for the next few months in place. And I have 2 weeks off before I take the next blast on the roller coaster (the BEAM chemo followed by the stem cell transplant).

The staff at Jimmy’s, who we now know so well, were great. They were all genuinely chuffed to be able to give us the good news. Apparently during the MDT (multi disciplinary team) meeting this morning, the consultants and specialist gave a spontaneous cheer when the scans came up on screen! And my consultant said that he was so happy I have had such a uniform result (at last I am following the rules!). My specialist nurse also told us that it was a really good thing for me to be in remission at this stage of the process. All good.

So dates booked in the diary. Plans in place. I now need to focus on enjoying the time ahead and building up my strength for the next phase. But now time for a glass of wine!

Thanks to all the wonderful friends and family that have sent texts and phoned with their support today. I really do appreciate it! And I am so happy to be able to give you people good news!


Elizabeth Selby

Awesome news Clive! And I love the ‘looking up’ idea – thank you for sharing. Elizabeth x

Emma Nabarro-Steel

Really, really bloody brilliant news! Enjoy that glass of wine. Xx

Lisa mcloughlin

Tears in my eyes and a great big grin on my face when I read heard the news. Well done Clive. Keep looking up. Thanks too for lending me your gorgeous Ava today. She can brighten anyone’s day ?


Such a wonderful update and deserved news! So happy for you Clive and I bet that glass of wine tasted good! Keep fighting, keep positive and keep believing and remember you are winning!


Ich hoffe dein starker Wille hilft dir kämpfen und siegen! !!


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