ESHAP 2 – Day 1

So today’s treatment went well, although it was very long and boring. We were there by 9:45 and finished at 5:30pm and it was pretty much drips flowing the whole time. I have been extremely tired today, dunno if it’s the chemo or steroids that I’ve had today – or just the effects of not being able to sleep properly for the past week. Anyway I nodded off on the chemo ward a few times, and then work myself up from snoring lol.

For anybody who wants to know exactly what happens with ESHAP:

Day 1 –
1L bag of fluids containing potassium and magnesium which runs for 2 hours.
Alongside this (through the other lumen) is Methypredniserlone (steroid) running for 1/2 hour as well as a bag of Manitol (makes you pee lots) – think this is only 100ml.
Then it’s Cisplatin in 1L of fluids that runs for 2 hours.
This is followed by Cytarobine with fluids over 2 hours.
Finally it’s Etopisode which runs for 1 hour.

Between each drug the nurse runs a small bottle of fluid through the lumens.

Day 2,3,4 – exactly as above but without the Cytarobine, this is only given once on the first day.

Day 5 – On day 5 it’s quick, just some fluids and the 1/2 hour bag of Methylpredniserlone.


Then it’s a big bag of meds to take every day to keep you from getting poorly.

Inuit on an incredible 3kg during the course of today! This is from the fluids that are pumped into you and you physically can’t pee it out quickly enough.

Went back to hotel room and despite falling asleep numerous times on the day ward I HAD to have a sleep, so dozed off for about 2 hours, woke up starving and popped out with Emily (who stayed over) to get a delicious curry from the Aagrah in Chapel Allerton. Then was planning on watching a DVD or an episode of Better Call Saul on Netflix …but didn’t have the energy and fell asleep… Roll on tomorrow.

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