ESHAP 2 – Day 2

ESHAP 2 – Day 2

So day 2 was pretty uneventful really. As mentioned in the previous post my eyesight has gone a bit weird again (happened during ESHAP 1) – I can see things close up, but anything at a distance of say 20m or more is blurry. I thought it may have been the eyedrops prescribed to help prevent one of the chemo drugs irritating the eyes, so didn’t use them on Day 1 (after checking with the nurse that this was ok). But sadly it didn’t help. So started with the eyedrops during the course of yesterday.

The other notable thing is my weight gain. I am now (well, I was at the end of yesterday) 5.5 kilos up on my baseline weight …and this is all fluid! Over just 2 days! So doc prescribed me a water tablet to make me pee more (or should I say even more!). When on ESHAP you are given a chart to record all fluid intake and output. My record pee so far is just over a litre in one go!

Really gutted to hear about the death of Prince. What a sad premature end to an icon, a creative genius, one that I have been listening to since the 80s. #RIPPrince. Seems there are so many celebs dying at the moment: David Bowie, Lemmy, Terry Wogan, Cilla Black, Victoria Wood, and Prince to name a few…. Hope that’s the end of it for a while.

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