ESHAP 2 – Day 3

ESHAP 2 – Day 3

Not much to report on today besides weather wasn’t as nice. Chemo was uneventful and was done by 3pm. 

Had a visit from my girls afterwards which was really nice. Ava (the little one) was in a foul mood but cheered up after a sandwich and drink at Costa. The rest of us had paninis and salad. Yum. I bought a ticket for my son Ben to come over in the next school holidays (he lives in Germany). Always a great feeling when that’s done as now I have a definite date to look forward to!!

Only 2 days to go and Sunday’s treatment will be quick as it’s just half an hour of steroids …then I’m free to go! Have missed my home, and my cat, and my fish …and my own super comfy bed. 

Still haven’t chopped the hair off but really need to. It’s falling out at a rate although Em said its still not that noticeable. Am wearing my A Team Murdoch cap which probably hides the worst of it. Anyway u think I’ll do the chop tomorrow….

(Pic above is of this beautiful old church I found tucked away in the grounds of the hospital)

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