ESHAP 2 – Day 4 (the home straight?)

So day 4 and as its a weekend us chemo buddies are all up on the 5th floor of Jimmy’s in the Teenage/Young Adults ward as the Ambulatory ward is closed on weekends. It’s pretty nice up here, they have a pool table, a juke box, PlayStation, free WiFi, nicely pained walls with murals and nice arts and crafts all over the place. Not seen one young adult yet though, so I am hoping it’s because there aren’t any here and not that they are so poorly that they don’t want to leave their rooms. I saw a couple of people here during ESHAP 1, so am guessing the former is the most likely case.

Anyway onto today. I am enough now. I want to go home. Am tired of sitting around all day connected to a drip. Very boring and tedious. Def. going to do the chop on the hair tonight. It’s fine as long as I don’t touch it! Enough now. Only thing keeping me going is that my better half Em is coming to join me for the last night and we are going to pop out for a bite to eat in Leeds. Then tomorrow should be short and sweet as its just the Methylpredniserlone, no actual chemo! Then home to my family and couch!!!

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