ESHAP 2 – Day 5 (It ain’t over ’till it’s over)

Here we are. On the home straight. Just the Methypredniserlone to get through, then a line flush, then home! Oh, but one of the lumens is a bit blocked and the nurse can’t draw any blood back, so she has put some special fluid in it (can never remember the name – urikeinen I think) which dissolves any fibrous blockages, then I’ll need to pop back over tomorrow afternoon to have it flushed. Another trip to Jimmys then!

So I did the hair chop last night. Feels great. Just went down to a No 1 for now then will shave it when my scalp is a bit better (still got a bit of the ol Folliculitis scars from a week ago but not too bad at all). 

Went to Pizza Express in Leeds. I had a Calzone with extra chillies (underwhelming). Em had a Superfood Salmon Salad (yum, she always makes the right choices in restaurants!). 

Feeling quite nauseous today. And very tired. Just want to go home.

Update: Monday morning – slept all afternoon practically, dozed after dinner, then was asleep in bed by about 10pm and slept through. Have woken up a bit stronger but still nauseous. Will see what today brings but will take it easy.

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