After ESHAP 2 – The recovery, day 3

Still feeling wiped out today. Maybe a 10% improvement so going in the right direction. Getting good night’s sleeps at the moment (with a little help from some Lorazepams prescribed by the docs, and going to bed really early).

The nausea is better today so that’s great. Appetite is good.

Am trying to load up with water, at least 3L today …as well as a Nutrubullet (our fab juicer). My skin is feeling parched all of a sudden, from feeling really soft and bloated a few days ago, now all of a sudden it looks like I’ve aged 20 years!!!

Anyway roll on tomorrow. Oh ….man ….I gotta go to Jimmy’s for routine blood test 🙁

Looking forward to a double bill of Better Caul Saul tonight on the box!

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