Extreme Tiredness, line flushes & grim weather

So went back over to Jimmy’s to get the red lumen flushed (nurse had put some urikeinen in it overnight as were unable to draw blood back through, which they’re gonna need to on next step). That went great, flushed fine (phew) and was out and on way home within 10 minutes. Feeling EXTREMELY tired all the time and very nauseous. It’s a strange kinda nausea though as I can eat and it doesn’t seem to affect it. As long as I take my anti sickness tabs x 2 three times a day I can keep it under control. Just.

So early night again for me I think then we see what tomorrow brings in the way of energy. Finding it hard to stay positive: combination of frustration with the lack of energy (brain active, body says no), crap weather (sleet on way back from hospital), having to take so many pills (including dexamthazone which I really ding like taking, they make my heart race and ears throb) ….and generally living the life of a retired gentleman, watching people around me go off to work/school/gym/meetings/socials. It’s crap, I want to b doing all that! I want my life back please Mr Lymphoma!!

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