It’s Friday night and I’m feeling alright

It’s Friday night and I’m feeling alright

Day 3 done and dusted. Not a whole heap to report but thought I’d just push out a quick status update.

Am feeling okay except I am struggling to sleep at night, despite swallowing a strong sleeping tab last night. I came back up to the hotel room after lunch and crashed for a few hours. Desperately needed to recharge batteries before Em and the kids come over imminently (Ava is a force of nature that can’t be ignored!). My eyesight is a bit dodgy at the moment. Wouldn’t want to try driving. Its one of the drugs I’m on. Not entirely sure which but it’s happened before and comes right after a couple of days.

Speaking of eyesight, Em is collecting my first set of reading glasses today. Went for a test last week Friday and yep, sure enough, can’t hold back the tide any longer. To be honest I went to Specsavers about 2 years ago for a routine test and was taken aback when the lady told me I needed glasses. She suggested I look at some frames, of which my reply was “um, I’m a bit pushed for time, I’ll come back tomorrow with my partner and choose some”. Which I never did. Head-in-sand ostrich approach seemed to work well. Then I came down with this lurgy and thought I’d best wait until all the chemo was over and done with before getting another test. But alas, it’s gone on longer than expected.

Last night was great, Em came to stay and we went into Chapel Allerton to an Italian restaurant where we’ve been to before called Casa Mia. If you want great pasta that’s the place to go around here. On the way there was some sort of incident in Harehills – driving through suddenly there were police cars everywhere. Was a bit scary as Harehills is a seriously dodgy area. A coupe of months ago there was a drive by shooting right outside the hospital. And carrying around this bumbag with the CADD pump in it, I had visions of someone thinking it was a bag full of money and ripping it off me!

Tomorrow being the weekend the Ambulatory ward where I usually go is closed so I’ll be having my chemo on the 5th floor in the teenage cancer ward. Early start at 8:30.

Anyway people, it’s Friday evening, get out there and party!

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