Post ESHAP 1 Day 10: Hair Loss? Comedown? Self Injecting?

Energy levels improving. Think my body is getting used to the lack of Prednisolone / Methylprednisolone / Dexamethazone.

Starting to get a strange feeling on my scalp. I presume it’s because the hair is about to fall out. Have asked the question on the Macmillan forums and yeah, it sounds like that’s what’s happening. Shaving is quite painful.

Having to start self-injecting from today. They are called GCSFs and they help your body produce and release white blood cells into the blood stream. Think my blood count is supposed to be dropping, but actually mine is quite steady. Nevertheless the nurses said to take my GCSFs. I have previous with this stuff – when I was on first line treatment (ABVD) about 2/3 of way through I was prescribed GCSFs and I had an awful overreaction to them: Was sitting at dinner, brother in law and family were up staying with us. Suddendly had a sore lower back which felt like I’d done my back in. It got progressivly worse over the course of the evening. Luckily I had some strong pain killers in the house (Oromorph) which got me throug the night. Next day I ended up on a ward at Jimmys. Anyway becuase of this I was pretty aprehensive when prescribed GCSFs this time. But was given Tramadol in case it happens again. Fingers crossed…

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