Post ESHAP 1 Day 12: Grey Days & Folliculitis

Had to pop to St James for the twice weekly blood tests today. Should be quick but with the drive there etc it’s still a good 3-4 hours out of my day.

Still taking the GCSFs – its day 3 of them now and so far so good – no adverse reactions. Tramadol at the ready tho!

Feeling pretty good energy wise. My scalp is really sore and have still got this weird rash/inflammation/acne type thing going on under my hair. Bit better than last night but not gone by any means. Will show the nurses while I’m here and see if it’s a common side effect (or is it just me?!) and if there’s anything I can take to ease symptoms.

Strange foggy sun shining today. Lots of glare. Would rather it rained or cleared up.

Update: doc had a quick look at scalp and says it looks like ‘Folliculitis’ and is caused bu the cells in the hair follicles dying off from chemo and being a bit angry. He’s speaking to the dermatologist to see if there’s a shampoo or cream they can give me to ease pain but it should clear up on its own in end.

Update 2: Prescribed me 2 creams – Fluocinolone Acetonide gel and Clobetasol cream (which is a steroid) but pharmacy didnt have either in stock – is being delivered out to me tomorrow…

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