Post ESHAP 1 Day 15: GCSFs, Neutrophils and Thousands of Tablets

Still taking the GCSF injections. Started getting bone pains so took the Tramadol (with trepidation) prescribed by the docs for first time. It definitely helped with the bone pain and made me feel pretty relaxed as well. But not ‘out of it’ which was good. That together with Zopiclone and I should sleep like a baby (but I’m not – think there are still remnants of the Pred/Methypred running through my veins!).

Today we went over to Jimmy’s for the usual twice weekly blood test. The nurse changed my Apheresis line dressing and gave it a flush. All good. Although one of the worst pains throughout this whole experience is when they remove the stat lock and you have a whole lot of chest hairs ripped off! Its up there with having a biopsy under local only! Excruciating!

Anyway was all pretty straightforward and quick. The chemo day unit wasn’t as hectically busy as it is sometimes. We were in and out. Good food in the restaurant downstairs in Bexley wing!

Nurse phoned in the evening with results of blood test – neutrophils plummeted to 0.18 (normal is 6+!!!). So I have to start yet another medicine, an antibiotic called Levofloxacin. Supposed to keep bugs at bay while count is so low.

A selection of the meds im on

I haven’t spoken about all the meds. I’m on 8 different medications now (all to protect the body while the immune system is so stuffed). Crazy! When I was first presented with the list it was mind-boggling and I thought I was going to struggle to take them all at the right time etc. But you soon get used to it all, just get a system going (Emily wrote when and how many on each box and we whacked them all in a big Tupperware container).

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