Post ESHAP 1 Day 18: Oh We Do Like To Be Besides The Seaside

So nothing much happened yesterday. Energy levels were good. Did a bit of DIY – fitted a burglar alarm to the house. Just one of those things that we have been meaning to do for years and years and never got around to it. I think we were the only house in the street not to have an alarm. And that happy-go-lucky african tomorrow-is-another-year attitude can only get you so far! Anyway, was pretty straightforward, got a friend to go up the ladder and do the dangerous / hard stuff. Sorted!

Today we went to Whitby. Woke up early (yeah I’m not sleeping very well/waking up super early these days!). I watched the Chinese F1 Grand Prix, which was not as boring as it usually is, except it was won by a Mercedes as it always is! Anyway Whitby: its about 2 hours east from here on the scenic route (which we regretted taking due to numerous bicycle races going the same way). Took my camera gear and did some photography. The light wasn’t great so I dont expect anything out of this world. But the obligatory fish and chips were delicious!

We drove up to Whitby Abbey. My daughter Sophie was very keen to have a look as she had studied Bram Stoker’s Dracula at school recently. I was keen to do some photography. But after paying for parking (£2/hour) we walked down and were presented with a barrier run by English Heritage. They wanted to charge £8/head for adults and £5/head for the little ones. What a rip off! I can’t see how they can justify charging prices like that for what is after all ‘our heritage’. And wish there were signs in the car park to warn you before paying for parking! I don’t mean to sound tight but I am not working/earning at the moment and I just cannot justify spending £30+ on an hours walk around a ruin.

 Whitby day out  
my girls Still having bone pain. Nothing Paracetamol couldn’t sort out. Finished the GCSF’s yesterday so hopefully that will ease off now.

3 more days to ESHAP mark 2 (Wednesday)!

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