Post ESHAP 2 – Another trip to Jimmy’s

Been feeling pretty strange today. Woke up at 5am feeling refreshed, by 11am I was quite tired and ‘wired’ – presume it’s from the Dexamethazol steroids (which Im glad to say are now finished, took the last 2 of my pack this morning). Emotions a bit all over the place today as well. At least not feeling so utterly exhausted like I have been lately.

So then at half 5 this evening it was a mad dash over to Jimmy’s to check my blood counts and to have the Apheresis line dressing & stat-lock changed (will post a picture of the item sometime). That all went smoothly, although the red lumen doesn’t like them taking blood out as well as the blue. Hope it holds together for stem cell harvest next week …which is the next time I’m due to see the hospital again (Tuesday next week). If all goes well they may be able to harvest all they need in a day. But I’m booked in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday just in case they struggle. Have been taking the GCSF injections from day 1 post chemo this week especially to boost white blood count. I’ll find out tomorrow if the count is normal(ish) which it should be and hasn’t plummeted like a stone.

Home for a steak and perhaps even a glass of wine. Blizzard on way driving home (this is end of April isn’t it??)

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