Post ESHAP 2 Day 12 – Sensitive Everything

So body not feeling so good 12 days into this one. If I can remember its very similar to the last cycle at this point: My scalp/skin/mouth/gums all quite sensitive. Taste buds a bit screwed up. Appetite is good but food not tasting how you’d think it should. My stomach is not acting normally (I stink …’nuff said!).

As far as energy levels go I managed to stay up and interact all day yesterday but had to decline an offer of a pub lunch yesterday (sadly). I am having to have naps in the day as well – at about 5pm yesterday I went and lay down on our bed in the sun and had a quick 45 minutes which helped get me through into the night. The tiredness feels different to earlier on in the cycle. Perhaps is the haemoglobin levels that have dropped?? I will find out on Tuesday when I go in for this stem cell harvesting.

Been thinking about the imminent SCT a lot. Can’t say I am looking forward to sitting round for a couple of days attached to a machine. Hopefully they can harvest all my stem cells in one day. I am going to look around online to see if there is anything I can be doing to boost the white blood count over and above the GCSF injections (that I am taking every morning currently).

On Friday night we had a visit from a very good old friend of mine and his partner. They’re currently living in the south of France and flew in to Manchester Airport. Em cooked a delicious chicken curry and I even had 2 glasses of wine (first time in months). Lots of catching up to do. My mate has always been a bit of an ‘extremophile’ so it was really great to see him in a good place – we really liked his partner, she seems good for him (and vice versa). They are over here to pick up a Hymer camper van and head off around Europe on a tour in the summer. Sounds amazing. Em and I have decided we’ll do something similar one day once the kids are more independent.

Speaking of kids, our youngest Ava is being so full-on at the moment. It’s really difficult to deal with when you’re not feeling strong. She has always been a really strong character, very ‘in your face’ and demanding attention (in the nicest possible way). But just the past few days she seems to be even worse. Hopefully just a short passing phase. The other 2 girls ones are just mellow, verging on lazy, doing their own thing most of the time. I am so chuffed that I recently arranged a ticket for my son Ben to come and visit for the next half term. That’ll be fantastic. Haven’t seen the dude since Christmas.

So today the plan is: Get my mom over from the care home. Chilling out. Roast lunch or dinner. Watch the Formula 1 race. As a Spurs fan hopefully don’t watch Leicester with the PL today (they are going to do it, I’d just rather it was at the last game of the season!)

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