POST ESHAP 2 – Early Starts, blue skies and snow

Hey so I’ve woken up, the sun has not long done the same, theres blue sky in distance …and its snowing..?

Another rubbish nights sleep for me – was tossing and turning all night and had some pretty bizarre dreams. I had to take a second Lorazepam at around 3am as I know without it I’d be doomed. At least I’m feeling a bit less ‘wired’ this morning, hopefully the Dexamethazole is wearing off. The reason why I got up in end @ 5am was hunger – hunger for my usual bowl of whole grain porridge, complete with bran flakes, fax seed, cinnamon and honey. House is still quiet, that prob. wont last much longer, then I’ll probably be knackered!

Today its just doing a few official bits around the house, waiting for Caitlin (our 8 yr old) to return from her first official school trip to Winmarleigh Hall in LANCS. Tonight we are welcoming a very good friend and his missus over from France who are coming for a curry and a catch-up. Should be good. They are buying a Winnebago type campervan and doing the european tour in it this summer. Oh how the other half live!

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