I’ll be posting status updates and general bits and pieces in the blog here… check back soon for updates!

Swan swam over the sea, swim swan swim!

swim swan swam

Havent blogged in ages as quite frankly there not been a lot going on …and I’m not one for rattling on when theres not much to rattle on about. But I thought I’d check in to keep all up to speed about where things are. I’m now on Day 86 post  auto transplant and my… Read more »

The slightly scary severe sepsis story

Ward 89 room

Although it’s a couple of weeks since this all happened, I wanted to share with you an incident which in hindsight was pretty dangerous and scary. I had been home from hospital 5 days after having my auto stem cell transplant and I did something really stupid. Deciding that actually the rules didn’t apply to… Read more »

My Autologous Stem Cell Transplant – Day By Day Account

Blood cells

This is a day by day account of my autologous stem cell transplant, picking up from my last post during the conditioning chemotherapy which you can read here. It’s not exactly pleasant reading, so continue at your peril! It has taken me 38 days plus since the actual transplant to post this as I have… Read more »

Yeah right, Clive!

I haven’t posted in a while. I intended to post every day, but in hindsight that was totally unrealistic. I am now finally strong enough to fire up the laptop and type some words, but I’ll keep this one brief and post again soon with a detailed diary of whats been happening. Here is what… Read more »

I just can’t stop #BEAMing with delight

St James Hospital, Leeds

Day 5 of BEAM chemo done and dusted. Etopiside IV drip over with. One more dose of Cytarabine tonight via my CADD pump then that’s finished with as well. Tomorrow is the Melphalan day. This is the one that can damage your mouth and stomach lining and have been told by a few people to… Read more »

It’s Friday night and I’m feeling alright

St James Hospiatl, Leeds

Day 3 done and dusted. Not a whole heap to report but thought I’d just push out a quick status update. Am feeling okay except I am struggling to sleep at night, despite swallowing a strong sleeping tab last night. I came back up to the hotel room after lunch and crashed for a few… Read more »

BEAM me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here…

Leeds @ Night

Today, day 2 of BEAM chemotherapy, was thankfully another fairly uneventful day. Woke up feeling a bit flushed and looking a bit pink in the face. Checked my temperature and it was low 36’s so no fever. Doc said later when I saw him that it was normal after such a fat dose of the… Read more »

The Beautiful South


As I hoped, we had a really fantastic much needed mini-holiday down in Devon/Wiltshire/Dorset recently and I wanted to share the story and some of the pics with you …and bring you up to speed with my treatment to date. The trip down south was real quality time with family that we hadn’t seen in… Read more »

Brentuximab, Baby

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Had a serious lack of enthusiasm and energy for most things lately. Might be the cumulative effect of all these drugs. Or having the kids around 24/7 because of school holidays. Or the long hot barmy summer days (…not!). I have managed to sum up the energy to… Read more »

You can’t beat a good scan!

Yesterday’s visit to the clinic went really really well: scan shows Brentuximab has worked …and I heard the word “remission” …which was nice!!! We also had a very interesting and frank discussion with the doc, he went into great detail on what choices there will be moving forward. The immediate question is do they give… Read more »