I’ll be posting status updates and general bits and pieces in the blog here… check back soon for updates!

After ESHAP 2 – The recovery, day 3

Still feeling wiped out today. Maybe a 10% improvement so going in the right direction. Getting good night’s sleeps at the moment (with a little help from some Lorazepams prescribed by the docs, and going to bed really early). The nausea is better today so that’s great. Appetite is good. Am trying to load up… Read more »

Extreme Tiredness, line flushes & grim weather

So went back over to Jimmy’s to get the red lumen flushed (nurse had put some urikeinen in it overnight as were unable to draw blood back through, which they’re gonna need to on next step). That went great, flushed fine (phew) and was out and on way home within 10 minutes. Feeling EXTREMELY tired… Read more »

ESHAP 2 – Day 5 (It ain’t over ’till it’s over)

Here we are. On the home straight. Just the Methypredniserlone to get through, then a line flush, then home! Oh, but one of the lumens is a bit blocked and the nurse can’t draw any blood back, so she has put some special fluid in it (can never remember the name – urikeinen I think)… Read more »

ESHAP 2 – Day 4 (the home straight?)

So day 4 and as its a weekend us chemo buddies are all up on the 5th floor of Jimmy’s in the Teenage/Young Adults ward as the Ambulatory ward is closed on weekends. It’s pretty nice up here, they have a pool table, a juke box, PlayStation, free WiFi, nicely pained walls with murals and… Read more »

ESHAP 2 – Day 3

Not much to report on today besides weather wasn’t as nice. Chemo was uneventful and was done by 3pm.  Had a visit from my girls afterwards which was really nice. Ava (the little one) was in a foul mood but cheered up after a sandwich and drink at Costa. The rest of us had paninis… Read more »

ESHAP 2 – Day 2

St James Hospital, Leeds

So day 2 was pretty uneventful really. As mentioned in the previous post my eyesight has gone a bit weird again (happened during ESHAP 1) – I can see things close up, but anything at a distance of say 20m or more is blurry. I thought it may have been the eyedrops prescribed to help… Read more »

ESHAP 2 – Day 1

So today’s treatment went well, although it was very long and boring. We were there by 9:45 and finished at 5:30pm and it was pretty much drips flowing the whole time. I have been extremely tired today, dunno if it’s the chemo or steroids that I’ve had today – or just the effects of not… Read more »

Countdown To ESHAP 2: Bye Bye Hair!

So its bye bye hair – it’s beginning to fall out!! No doubt about it, washed it earlier and noticed quite a few strands on my hands and in the bath. Scalp feels a bit tingly today as well. No worries at all. Will take electric clippers with me to hospital tomorrow, as I can’t… Read more »

Post ESHAP 1 Day 18: Oh We Do Like To Be Besides The Seaside

So nothing much happened yesterday. Energy levels were good. Did a bit of DIY – fitted a burglar alarm to the house. Just one of those things that we have been meaning to do for years and years and never got around to it. I think we were the only house in the street not… Read more »

Post ESHAP 1 Day 16: Bone Pain

So my bones are aching today and I’m having to take Tramadol to ease the pain. Not very pleasant. Making me extremely lazy. I feel like dojng something, but I can’t be bothered! Hair folliculitus situation is improving. However over the last day or so I seem to be having a bit of a teenage… Read more »