I’ll be posting status updates and general bits and pieces in the blog here… check back soon for updates!

Post ESHAP 1 Day 15: GCSFs, Neutrophils and Thousands of Tablets

Still taking the GCSF injections. Started getting bone pains so took the Tramadol (with trepidation) prescribed by the docs for first time. It definitely helped with the bone pain and made me feel pretty relaxed as well. But not ‘out of it’ which was good. That together with Zopiclone and I should sleep like a… Read more »

Post ESHAP 1 Day 12: Grey Days & Folliculitis

Had to pop to St James for the twice weekly blood tests today. Should be quick but with the drive there etc it’s still a good 3-4 hours out of my day. Still taking the GCSFs – its day 3 of them now and so far so good – no adverse reactions. Tramadol at the… Read more »

Post ESHAP 1 Day 10: Hair Loss? Comedown? Self Injecting?

Energy levels improving. Think my body is getting used to the lack of Prednisolone / Methylprednisolone / Dexamethazone. Starting to get a strange feeling on my scalp. I presume it’s because the hair is about to fall out. Have asked the question on the Macmillan forums and yeah, it sounds like that’s what’s happening. Shaving… Read more »

Post ESHAP 1 Day 8: Leaky Lines

Popped to hospital for blood tests and to have my Apheresis line tested (it seemed have sprung a leak last Saturday during treatment). Was sent down to Bracheotheatre (same place it was fitted) and Hamish the surgeon (top bloke!) injected some iodine into my central line while taking X-rays. And the result is…. all good,… Read more »